Latin and ballroom dresses

When we dance, whether Latin or Standard, our dress is part of our soul, part of the competition and how we will be judged. So it is good to get a winning appearance, to show off our dancing skills!

I design latin dresses and ballroom dresses to make everyone look glamourous, natural and perfect on the dance floor. With your personality, dance styles and ideas, together we will create a new masterpiece. For me, each latin or ballroom dress is a new creation. Just for you. I am an award winning dancer and a great designer. Look no further! You will find many examples of my creations under Dress in motion, Latin dress and Ballroom dress. Most of the latin and ballroom dresses on display are for sale. Please contact me for ideas, estimates and more information». Your training and hard work deserves the best. Let me show it off in a great and unique dress. I am part of the new dance and design culture and also a proud partner of Chrisanne. Check out our practice wear and - please get in touch.

Mattias Lagerberg